Sula nebouxii

The diver Sula nebouxii

Sula nebouxii is the scientific name of the blue-footed booby which was given at 1882 by Alphonse Milne-Edwards. It is one of most attractive sea birds. Sula nebouxii was named as blue-footed booby because of their stupidity in front of humans, the color blue refers to its colored legs. The blue-footed booby can be found …

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Orycteropus afer

The digger Orycteropus afer

Orycteropus afer consider one of last members of the Tubulidentata species, it has been known with many different names as the aardvark, African ant bear, anteater, and Cape anteater. Because of teeth shape that looks like tube, all the Tubulidentata had got their species name. But the name aardvark belongs to Africa and means earth, …

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Blakiston’s fish owl

The largest Blakiston’s fish owl

The Blakiston’s fish owl, or as it known also Bubo blakistoni is one of typical owls’ families, which consider one of most popular, and large owl families, on the eagle owls sub-group. Through years there were many different opinions about that kind of owls’ classification, as some opinions think that Blakiston’s fish owl had to …

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Ailurus fulgens

The Acrobatic Ailurus fulgens

Ailurus fulgens or the red panda as known is one of the animals that detected in danger by IUCN “International Union for Conservation of Nature”, as there are less than 10,000 living Ailurus fulgens in the world. Ailurus fulgens considered the last animal of Ailuridae family that belongs to genus Ailurus. In earlier classifications it …

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