About Us

About Us

Quizee is all about turning the trivia into entertainment! We’re the leading providers of trivia quizzes across all mobile devices so that you can turn around your free time. Our quizzes are directed towards not only entertaining our users but also educating them. From lifestyle to food and drinks, from animals to IQ and brainteasers, and from history to movie quizzes, Quizee brings you a multitude of trivia quizzes on all of your favorite topics to stimulate your brain!

Our Mission

Our mission at Quizee is to bring you exceptionally authentic Trivia Quizzes for the ultimate entertainment and fun across the web and mobile devices.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create mind-boggling and brain-stimulating trivia quizzes on every topic possible so that you can play your favorite topic trivia quiz no matter where in the world you are located.

Why Choose Quizee?

We don’t say we’re the best, but our unique thought-triggering trivia quizzes will prove it! Here’s why you should give our quizzes a go:

We’re the Entertainers

At Quizee, we have a team who are highly skilled and are masters in creating trivia quizzes. We’re the ultimate entertainers who design fun and happening quizzes to turn your boring days around.

A plethora of Topics to Choose from

Quizee brings you a plethora of your favorite topics to choose your trivia quizzes from – just browse all the genres and choose the quiz you like to test, enhance, and challenge your knowledge. You can also send these quizzes to your friends and partners to challenge them or even play together. Our inventory includes trivia quizzes on the following:

  • Animal Quizzes
  • Food and Drink Quizzes
  • History Quizzes
  • IQ and Brainteasers
  • Lifestyle Quizzes
  • Movies Quizzes

Are you ready to turn your boring day into a fun and exciting one? Log on to www.quizee.com now!