Deep Look on The oceanic whitetip shark

The oceanic whitetip shark is one of largest animals, you mayn’t hear about it before as it has many different names like lesser white shark, oceanic white-tipped whaler, or brown shark. But The first time the oceanic whitetip shark was defined was in 1831 by René-Primevère Lesson, and he gives it the shark Carcharhinus maou name, until 1861 then it called Squalus longimanus by Cuban Felipe Poey, and there were many different names have been given to the oceanic whitetip shark through years.
The oceanic whitetip shark has large, and long two kinds of fins first is the dorsal fins which looks like a wing, and the second is pectoral fins which is so long and take paddle shape, to the extent that makes The oceanic whitetip shark so remarkable from other shark types. The oceanic whitetip shark has a round nose, and eyes. It has a flat body, with slight humpbacked. The oceanic whitetip shark has different colors according to its living area, sometimes it is a mix between blue, grey or brown with bronze with white spots underside, and on the fins, these white spots was the reason for its name the oceanic whitetip shark. The males of the oceanic whitetip shark are smaller than females by 10 cm, and the average weight of the oceanic whitetip shark was 56.1 kg in the last 90s. the oceanic whitetip shark has different types of teeth between 13 and 15 on the lower jaw in the two sides they are thin, sharp, and take a triangular shape, also14 – 15 teeth on the upper jaw also take a triangular shape, but more wide, large, and with very sharp, jagged edge.

The oceanic whitetip shark eats most types of fish, it doesn’t matter what kind of fish is that, bony fishes, sea birds, gastropods, skipjack tuna, swordfish, sea turtles, dolphinfish, or oarfish all can be a meal. Also te aggressive level of The oceanic whitetip shark depends on the kind of food they eat. In the 16th century the oceanic whitetip shark was known as sea dogs, as it was acting like dogs the moment they sea potential food most of time in the water. Most of time the oceanic whitetip shark moves in a slow way near to the top of water looking for food, as The oceanic whitetip shark eats doesn’t swim fast, but it can make big surprise for you if he saw food. The oceanic whitetip shark lives in groups to search for food, it lives in tropical and sub-tropical areas, in oceans, and open water where temperature is more than 18 °C as it prefers warm water.

The oceanic whitetip shark seems to be just dangerous sharks for most people, but it has a great importance because of meat, oil, and even fins which is very valuable for trade, all that made the oceanic whitetip shark endangered, what makes Federal Governments start to put rules to prevent hunting The oceanic whitetip shark, and protect its existence, so we all as humans had to participate, and take our right role to save nature, and keep these creatures safe, even if it was predators, it’s not a purpose for us to kill or do horrible tings lead to killing creatures to the extent that makes it vanish in near future, we are humans not killers, our duty is to guard the planet, make it better place for every single creature on the earth, and The oceanic whitetip shark one of these creatures has the right to enjoy it’s life without threats, or start by yourself, and help in making earth better by letting people know about The oceanic whitetip shark…

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