Emerald cockroach wasp the Zombie makers

Have you ever heard about Emerald cockroach wasp ?
Emerald cockroach wasp which is called in science “Ampulex compressa” is one of Arthropods wasps that belong to Ampulicidae, it has an emerald color, which is a mix between blue, and green, that mix catch your eyes for its beauty. Also it has red thighs. The female of Emerald cockroach wasp is bigger than males twice, as females tall about 22 mm, and that difference on size for a reason, we will talk about it in details later, and also males can’t sting like females. Emerald cockroach wasp lives in mild weather in different places in the world like South, and Southeast of Asia, Brazil, Africa, and tropical areas.

If you were one of those who are dream about mind control, Emerald cockroach wasp can be your favorite insect!! Yes, that tiny Emerald cockroach wasp can control its prey mind, and make it a slave! Not only the mind of a cockroach, and keep it a live to keep its Larvae on his stomach!! It makes the cockroach as a zombie! Imagine how great Emerald cockroach wasp is!? They are living our horror movies easily every day!!

As we mention up earlier the females of Emerald cockroach wasp has some differences from males for a reason, as these females are responsible for putting eggs, and they do this in a magical way puzzled scientists for years. The female of Emerald cockroach wasp work on two stages for controlling victim’s mind, first she chooses its cockroach victim through flying then sting it on the chest by its legs with GABA, in two seconds the cockroach lose control, and Feel paralyzed. Next the Emerald cockroach wasp female stings the brain, or ganglia of the cockroach with Neurotoxins venoms, here the cockroach becomes a slave of the Emerald cockroach wasp, and follows it anywhere like zombie. After that the Emerald cockroach wasp eats Cockroach antenna to get some power, and continue, and notice with that the Cockroach still moving under Emerald cockroach wasp will, and then the Emerald cockroach wasp takes the Cockroach to prepared place like a hole.

On the burrow where the Cockroach has been taken, the Emerald cockroach wasp starts to put its eggs, and then build something like a nest walls to protect its larvae, and then leaves that Cockroach, and look for another!! After about month these eggs turn into larvae, but how these tiny larvae stay alive?! The moment these larvae appear they start eating Cockroach organs day by day until they grow, and become new Emerald cockroach wasp.
But the most strange thing is that while those larvae are eating the Cockroach body, it hasn’t dead yet!! Imagine how creepy that is!? One small insect can do all of this as a part of its daily routine! All of that makes Emerald cockroach wasp more than simple insect, it’s a Zombie maker..

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