Meet the Great African elephants

Do you know the largest animal on the earth??

Today we are going to talk about the most massive animals on the earth, African elephants !!! Yes we mean especially that species of elephants, African elephants on the top list of largest animals; the African elephants weigh about 6 tones, with 3.3m high, and 7.5m long. The African elephants have grey thick and rough skin it’s about 1.2 inch thick. They also had big rounded ears to help in minimizing the heat of body in hot days. The African elephants have long trunk looks like fingers at its end to help African elephants catch small things tightly as this trunk has between 40,000–60,000 muscles that give it high ability of control, as it used in daily actions, these muscles give the trunk its power that allows it to hold Wight about 3% of the elephant’s Wight, also there are short, and thick air on the trunk with black, and dark brown colors, and because that trunk consider an extension of nose, and lip, it helps the African elephants in smelling, breathing, , touching, eating, drinking, , making sounds, loading, defending and attacking, also African elephants use trunks for grapping water.
African elephants have tusks too, tusks are made of ivory, it used in searching for food by digging, also it can be used for fight, or making marks. Tusks are between 23 to 45 kg weight, and it’s long between 1.5 to 2.4 m, it takes upward curved shape, and they keep growing through the whole life of the African elephants.

African elephants live mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, West Africa, rain forests, and Mali. The African elephants feed on different types of plants whatever its size, grasses, roots, leaves, and trees parts, they consume large amounts of food more than 300 pounds per day. The African elephants prefer to live in herds, or small groups, in these groups African elephants females leads the group, as males tend to go with their own in small groups sometimes.
The perfect fertility age of African elephants are between 25 and 45 years old and it takes about 22 months pregnancy period, after that young elephants are kept under their mothers’ care in groups.

Unfortunately now days the African elephants are threaten because of ivory trade, the tusks ivory is used in wide scale for different purposes like making piano keys, and jewelry, also a lot of African elephants are killed for their meat. With all rules many of African elephants still suffering.
Today there are international environmental agreements to protect the African elephants by preventing ivory trade, and keep their habitat from humans, also there are strict rules prevent African elephants poaching, and we are as humans had to help on that by doing our right role to save the African elephants from extinction.

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