Planarians flatworms the No.1 magical inspiration

Planarians flatworms consider one of most tradition flatworms of Tricladida class, Planarians flatworms are one of those Platyhelminthes that belong to invertebrates with Binary symmetric surface, which make its right and, left body sides look 100% completely a same, whatever their length! Planarians flatworms have a strip shape with soft skin, and three tissue layers contain all organelles, and organs without any cavity. There could be different colors of Planarians flatworms, not only black. Planarians flatworms head slightly look like triangle with two light sensitive eyes spotted, or more depending on its species, and a mouth in the bottom side.

Planarians flatworms can be found at many places on the world, anywhere, like rivers, Ponds, Swamps, salty water, and even on trees, or any Wet areas.
Planarians flatworms can feed on injured, dead animals, Insects, microorganisms, and fish, as Planarians flatworms consider clearly carnivores. Planarians flatworms use their mouth muscles for getting food by sucking, while excreting digestive enzymes for food digestion, then transferring that food be with pharynx to digestive branches, all this happen with very simple way. Also Planarians flatworms get rid of all Indigestible food through the mouth also as Planarians flatworms haven’t any anus.
Planarians flatworms haven’t any respiratory system; they can get oxygen through Diffusion as it is the only way to get rid of carbon dioxide, via flame cells. Also these flame cells allow Planarians flatworms to dispose of any extra liquids on its body. Planarians flatworms had a set of two cerebral ganglia under its spotted eyes; these cerebral ganglia contain nervous tissue collections wide spread across Planarians flatworms body with neurons that connect the body of the Planarians flatworms , with the Planarians flatworms head, and move actions around the body, it works in a movement like a ladder.
Planarians flatworms haven’t any Skeletal structure, or muscular structure, but it have two muscles layers, and it can slip easy, and fast with its cilia which look like thick, short hair, that enables Planarians flatworms to move easily, also Planarians flatworms have the ability of undulation with its body membranes , and swimming, that gives Planarians flatworms free movement chance on any surface.
Planarians flatworms seem to be just simple flatworm for most people, but these simple Planarians flatworms have a magical power, most humans dream about, and wish if they could have one day! Planarians flatworms have the ability to regenerate under all circumstances and from any part of its body in three weeks at most. That unique ability of Planarians flatworms regeneration can’t be found on any other creature on the earth, although there are some animals can heal parts of its harm bodies like Starfish, crabs and Lizard. But the interesting thing here is that it can make a new typical Planarians flatworms from any piece of its body, whatever that part was from the tail, head, or medium, it will generate new Planarians flatworms with all genetic features, and even memory, which may be considered one of the most mysterious secrets of Planarians flatworms .

Imagine a piece as size as grain of rice from any part of the body can make a completely new Planarians flatworms with head, eyes, and even nerve system!! What makes Planarians flatworms most mysterious, and needs extra study from scientists, not only its regeneration ability, but they also found out that the new Planarians flatworms aren’t just like new born Planarians flatworms, but it has all the memory of the last Planarians flatworms behaviors! That comes clear with experiments which results published on famous science magazine called “The Journal of Experimental Biology”. According to the experiment scientists put a group of Planarians flatworms on a place with strong, direct, and bright light even though Planarians are sensitive to light, but with time Planarians get used with light, and can walk easily towards light. After that scientists cut Planarians parts, and found out that the new Planarians flatworms haven’t any sensitivity towards light, which means that they regenerate with Memorial RNA, which gives the new Planarians flatworms a copy of memory with all changes memories, the new Planarians flatworms aren’t just copy they have saved memory for all potential dangers, to protect new Planarians, as these Planarians flatworms are so small, and week so that memory can help Planarians flatworms avoid danger old ones meet on experiment, which is so amazing!!
If you aren’t able to imagine the importance of that experiment, or that ability of Planarians flatworms, let me tell you that there is mass number of scientists work on finding out the responsible gene of regeneration on Planarians flatworms to use it on humans for regenerating damaged organs. Imagine a man gets back his lost hand with Injection, or any external Catalyst. Or even gets back his lost toe!! That can be a great leap for humans, and even NASA scientists do their best and making millions of experiments on Planarians flatworms to discover the reason in order to help their astronauts.
Planarians flatworms aren’t just useless one centimeter flatworm; they can be the inspiration of the leap humans looks for healing.

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