Simple look at Three Stripe Cory Fish

Three Stripe Cory fish is one of Corydoradinae fish family which has more than 200 species of Corydoras, but today we are going to talk about Three Stripe Cory which can be found on South America specifically basin Amazon River, in south America countries like Peru Colombia, and Brazil, also it can live in water submerged forests. Three Stripe Cory is about 2.5 inches, and it lives on insects, plants and worms. Three Stripe Cory prefers to live on groups, stay together looking for food between soil layers, the most suitable climate for Three Stripe Cory is tropical, where temperature between 22–26 ° C is “72–79 ° F” and the water has 6.0–8.0 pH.

Three Stripe Cory is one of most preferred fishes for most people because of its attractive patterned or striped colored skin; it is simply one of most peaceful fishes you can keep at your aquarium, but you had to adjust water’s temperature to 75 F (24 C) at most, and the pH about (6.5 to 7.0) for making suitable environment to Three Stripe Cory, with sandy surface, and some plants, woods, some places for fishes to hide, and it is better to get more than 2 of Three Stripe Cory mixed between males, and females, as we mention earlier they prefer living in groups. The differences between males and females are obvious on Three Stripe Cory, females are slightly larger than males, and also they have wider body shape.
Three Stripe Cory seems to be simple week animal can be eaten, or die at any sudden danger, but Three Stripe Cory may be stronger than your thoughts it has poisoned sharp spines, also it has defense mechanism that impressed scientists, as Three Stripe Cory has an armor so strong to the extent that makes scientists hope to make like it for humans.

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