The Acrobatic Ailurus fulgens

Ailurus fulgens or the red panda as known is one of the animals that detected in danger by IUCN “International Union for Conservation of Nature”, as there are less than 10,000 living Ailurus fulgens in the world.
Ailurus fulgens considered the last animal of Ailuridae family that belongs to genus Ailurus. In earlier classifications it was known as a one of raccoon and bear families.
It has just two mainly subspecies: the Himalayan red panda and, the Chinese red panda and.
Ailurus fulgens can be found in the south west of china, Himalaya Mountains between 2,200 and 4,800 m. high, Yunnan, south-west of Tibet, Nepal, north Burma, and India.
The red panda lives between 10 and 25 °C average temperature, it prefer living in high areas, rain forests with average rain fall 350 centimeters, and especially mixed forests with thick trees and mountains.

The red panda has fur with two colors mix, the top part is brown reddish fur, and black fur on the bottom. The tail is also so thick, and long with six ochre crossed circles helps him to hide between trees.
Their face is light, and had tears spots with white signpost like the ones on the raccoon, although here it is more special for every member. Also it has black nose, and there are brown reddish tears spots under eyes.
It has round head, and the ears are upstanding with their medium size, and the teeth are so strong, the lower jaw is some kind short, but it is so strong.
Also its legs are short with thick and black fur inside the paws; here the fur job is so important especially in snowy weather, so you can find it in different places of the body even the anus.
The red panda is about 50 to 64 cm tall for the whole body including the head, and the tail is about 28 to 59 cm.
The average weight of red panda females is about 3 to 6.0 kg, and the males between 3.7 to 6.2 kg.
Bamboo is most favorite food for the red panda, also it can eat berries, eggs, flowers, leaves, birds, beech, plants, mushrooms, roots, and fruits.
It has strong, curved, amazing claws helps him climbing trees easily to the extent it was names bamboo feeder eater, these claws
Between the ages of two to three years the red panda members enter Puberty age, and become able to Mate. The pregnancy period lasts for about 134 days, in these days, the female’s weight increased a lot, and while parturition time approaching,
She starts collecting leaves, branches, grass and wood to make her nest, which can be inside a tree, or between rocks, or inside a hole.

After birth the young red panda can be about 110 to 130 g Wight, also it will be deaf and blind at first. Each time the female born a group of one to four babies (most of time one, or two), the young born babies have special smell by which they can be recognized by their mother.
At first days the female stays with her babies most of the day doing everything for them like cleaning, eating, and nursing. Also it may change their nest many times to be sure that it is clean.
After 18 days these young babies can open their eyes, and in a period of 90 days, they complete growth phase, get fur, and be able to leave the nest, but they still depend on their mother’s milk until they are between six to eight months after that they can eat leaves, or tough grasses.
Ailurus fulgens can live in average between eight and 10 years, and the maximum age for them is about 14 years.

These animals activities depends on atmosphere, as they are sensitive to high degrees of heat, and prefer to live between 17 and 25 °C temperature.
They move slowly, and with flexibility while moving between trees, and especially when moving down, they start with the head in an amazing way, their tail plays important role in keeping balance while moving between trees.
That flexibility in movement can be impressive to the extent you think they are living in circus, they can stand in a tree, and grab anything from another tree with their tail, also they can stand in an opposite position, and swing, also beside that helps in saving panda’ life.
The main enemy for Ailurus fulgens is the snow leopard, and humans can be one of their enemies because of their skin, and fur importance!!

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