The Ambystoma Mexicanum Your Regenerated Pet

The Ambystoma mexicanum is one of most strange amphibian, as it is not a fish as some people think, it known popularly as The axolotl, or the Mexican walking fish, also you can call it just the walking fish.
The Ambystoma mexicanum belongs to Ambystomatidae family, under the class Amphibia, and mexicanum species, which belongs to the Ambystoma genus.

The Mexican walking fish prefers to live mainly at lakes’ water, which can be available at two places in the world that are two lakes beside Mexico, which are the Lake of Chalco that comes to its end, and Xochimilco which has about 20 °C (68 °F) water temperature most of year except at winter it may be about 6 and 7 °C or less.
You may notice that the habitat of the Mexican walking fish extends in limited areas in the world, and that is because of human’s population expansions which makes the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s annual puts the axolotl as one of Red List members.
The axolotl is in between 15 to 45 cm long in average, with average size about 23 cm, and can reach more than 30 cm maximum at extraordinary cases.

It may seems to you that the axolotl looks like the salamander especially the outside gills, and the tail fin that expands along the whole body from the head.
The Mexican walking fish had a big head with uncovered eyes, and it has strange limbs that haven’t complete its growing, also there are slim and long fingers at the end.
There are about three double outside gills in the top front of the head, looks like mini sticks, and help on moving oxygen in water while breathing.
These outside gills connected with each other internally, and stand in a line to help in exchanging breath air; also these gills are connected with four other internal gills.
There aren’t any visible teeth at the axolotl’s mouth, as it is just vestigial without exact job, as it depends on sucking as a way of feeding.
The Ambystoma mexicanum can be found in different skin colors because of its variable pigmented genes, when the axolotls live at wild their skin can be tanned brown with little gold spots, and inside dark green skin.
Also you can find other different skin colors like mix between white, and pink with red eyes (which can be the most wide spread color), or whole gold skin with also gold eyes, or light pink with black eyes, or completely dark blue, or black without any mixed colors.
Also you can notice clear and wide differences in size, and appearance according to color differences between all individuals.
The Mexican walking fish can be able to change its color, and size with so limited control for hiding in order to trick enemies, and hide.
The females have bigger body than males, and there are a lot of eggs on their body.

The most impressive characteristic that the Ambystoma mexicanum has its great regeneration ability!! Yes you are reading the right word regeneration!! As the Mexican walking fish can be one of few animals that can heal itself and that not for external small scars, but it can regenerate vital, and important parts of body like tail, gills, limbs, eyes, heart and even brain parts within months.
Beside regeneration the Ambystoma mexicanum has the ability to fix its harm organs like limbs, which makes these animals under spot for long times by scientists especially their ability to control their body system during regeneration.
The average life age for the Ambystoma mexicanum is about 5 to 6 years, although some members’ lives to 12 years old, also after about six months the Ambystoma mexicanum fish becomes adults, and it can be one of most favorite pets for many people!!
As The Ambystoma Mexicanum can be the strangest pet you could ever see, but it can be easy to rise, also it didn’t need any experience to deal with, and a lot of people prefer it as a friend.

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