The beauty of the Lar gibbon

Do you know the Lar gibbon?

The Lar gibbon or as known between people “the white-handed gibbon”, is also one of animals who’s life in danger in our land, it is kind of the Hylobatidae from a family called gibbon.
The Lar gibbon considers the best species of gibbons, it lives mainly in rainforests which can be found in Southeast, and southern Asia. In different countries like: Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, and Indonesia. In the past it used to live in china, Burma, Malay Peninsula, and even Sumatra, there are different evidences in history about that.

It prefers to live in forests like dipterocarp, submontane, submontane, or low lands. These animals can’t live in high levels areas, also they are social, and can live with other animals, like monkeys, and apes.
In normal females of gibbons are smaller than males. The tall of males is about 43.5 to 58.5 cm, and their weight is about 5 to 7.6 kg.
The tall of females is about 42 to 58 cm, and the average weight is about 4.4 to 6.8 kg. Also they can live in average between 30 to 44 years old.
The body of the white-handed gibbon covered with thick, and soft hail like fur with several colors like light, or dark brown, colors of sand, and creamy colors. There are big varieties in colors degrees. The face is black, but has white circle air. Also the hands covered with white hair, and for that it was called white-handed gibbon. Also the feet have white hair.
Mating doesn’t affect at all here with the hair color, so if the parents have different hair colors one dark, and the other light, the new generation get the most dominating gene which is the dark coat. But if the two parents were with light coat, the new generation will get light coat, and the opposite case is true.
The white-handed gibbon has five subspecies, every one of them lives in different area, and because of that, there are some differences in the coat color, all of these colors degrees are so beautiful, and you will be surprised while figuring it out:
• Central the lar gibbon : has dark brown, or black coat, with light brown like honey legs.
• Malaysian lar gibbon : the main coat color is dark brown, or medium brown, with more light legs seems to be creamy.
• Sumatran the lar gibbon : the coat here is completely light, sometimes light bright brown, also it has buffy low back, also the head, and legs are brown also.
• Yunnan the lar gibbon : it has long hair on the back with dark brown, or mix between red, and brown colors.
• Carpenter’s the lar gibbon : this one has a dark brown coat also, but with long black, or dark brown hair, legs are light creamy, white buff.
These gibbons may seems to be like little apes, but there are a lot of differences between them like the obvious body size, as they are too small compared with apes, but they haven’t any tail like apes also.
Gibbons have extra-long arms, make their movement easier, and help them in daily activities like moving between trees, swinging up to 15 m , hanging on trees, and supporting the whole body while moving.

Fruits represent 50% of Gibbons’ food; they prefer all fruits, and especially figs. Also they can eat leaves, flowers, insects, and eggs.
The food of the Gibbons may differ from season to another; they look for tasty fruits in all trees by seasons, also they get some water from trees also using their hands.

White-handed gibbons are fit animals move all the day with help of their amazing arms, they move in groups of their family members from two to six members. Females become ready for Pregnancy between six and nine years old, and the pregnancy period can be seven months, the born baby remains under his mother care to the age of twenty four months, and keep staying with parents until being eight years old, which is so long, comparing with other animals. Gibbons live in average about twenty five years old.
The Lar gibbon can communicate through singing, which is so attractive way of communication shows how cool are these creatures, also singing can be a sign if there were an attack!!

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