The Great No.1 Varanus komodoensis

The Varanus komodoensis, Komodo Island monitor, or Komodo dragon as known!! Without astonishing, yes it is known as a dragon because of its huge size, as the Varanus komodoensis is the largest lizard on the earth without any doubt, it can be 100% the lizards’ king.

These extra-large lizards appeared for first time at 1910, and there are thoughts that it’s appeared for first time in Australia, and then moved to rest of the world.
The average weight of the Varanus komodoensis is about 70 kg, the adult male weight can be from 79kg to 91 kg, and about 2.59 m. the females of Varanus komodoensis weight can be between 68 to 73 kg, and 2.29 m. the strange thing is the tail of the Varanus komodoensis, as it equals its body tall, and full of muscles. also the Varanus komodoensis as a group of sharp 60 teeth about 2.5 cm, it’s serrated, and can be replaced regularly. The yellow tongue of the Varanus komodoensis is so long, and deep.

The body of the Varanus komodoensis has a natural armor from small bones named osteoderms, also with strong muscles, and it has four pattern shapes with different names which is vermiform, platy, rosette, and dendritic, these shapes differ according to the Varanus komodoensis age, and it helps in saving it from bites, wounds, insects, or any attacks. This armor covers the whole body of the Varanus komodoensis except the head, which has round eyes, mouth margins, nostrils, and a light sensor called pineal eye.
The Varanus komodoensis hearing sense is poor comparing with humans, as their hearing sensitivity in 400 to 2,000 hertz range, which is so week. Also The Varanus komodoensis can see barely at night, as it’s sight scale about 300 m far. The most important organ for The Varanus komodoensis is the tongue; it depends on it for most daily activities like smelling, revealing, and tasting. Also the Varanus komodoensis has a strong and tall claw. The main color of The Varanus komodoensis body differ depending on his living area, it has degrees from yellow to grey tough skin.

Varanus komodoensis
The Varanus komodoensis lives in burrows, even if it was in a shelter, it spend time making burrows to stay during night time to avoid heat, although it lives in high temperature, and dry areas like savanna, tropical forests, and southeastern Indonesia, The Varanus komodoensis has a great ability to run fast with speed 20 km/h. but most of time it likes to roam at his home all the day, also it can climb trees fast despite its large size, and dive down to 4.5 m. The Varanus komodoensis food menu is flexible as it can eat anything from animals’ meat whatever the animal was buffalo, deer, wild boar, goats, insects, eggs or even cadaver.

No prey can escape from The Varanus komodoensis, as it can cut the prey’s meat and eats it while holding it with front legs, also it can eat small animals like goats in one time without any need for cutting it into pieces, because of its flexible jaws. Also The Varanus komodoensis has a strong smell sense which allows him find out any dead body wherever it was in a distance exceeds 9.5 km, which is so amazing. Saliva is the X factor of the Varanus komodoensis that helps in ending the prey; it is a kind of bacteria in the Varanus komodoensis’s mouth that causes infections to the prey makes it die faster.

On august, and December the females of the Varanus komodoensis put their eggs, some on floor, and some prefer to make nests, the females try hard to concealment the nests to hide the eggs to protect it.

Every female of the Varanus komodoensis puts about 20 eggs each time in average, and it hatches in 7 to 8 months later. In the first years of the young Varanus komodoensis, they prefer trees for living.
After all you read about Varanus komodoensis which is more than large lizard, it can be a legend!! What do you think about its behavior to humans??

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