The Intelligent Corvus brachyrhynchos

Corvus brachyrhynchos, or what’s known worldwide as the American crow is one of the Corvidae birds, on 1822 it was named short-billed crow scientifically by Christian Ludwig Brehm.
The Corvus brachyrhynchos has about five subspecies, named as:

• brachyrhynchos-eastern crow
• caurinus – northwestern crow
• hesperis – western crow
• pascuus – Florida crow
• paulus – southern crow

They have small differences in size according to habitat.
The main color of the whole body of the American crows is black, it has iridescent feathers look, it has a strong black feet, and legs. It is between 40 and 53 cm tall, but 40% of that is the tail. It has two wings can make a scale of 85 to 100 cm together; the one wing can be 24.5 to 33 cm.
American crow’s beak is from 3 to 5.5 cm long, and it has hook shape at the end. The females are smaller than males by 20%, also the average mass of body in between 316 to 620 g.

Young Corvus brachyrhynchos crows are as big as adult craws, except they had pink mouth, and blue eyes. Also the feathers of their wings and tail may be slightly brown, and changes while growing.
From the outside size shape you can easily distinguish between American craws, and normal ravens. The tail, and wings have points in raven which isn’t exist on craws, also bills look, and voice can easy be recognized.
American Crows are flexible birds, it can live in any open areas it just need trees, no matter if there were made by humans, or not. It doesn’t prefer deserts, as it looks for grassland, parks, pasture, and trees to stay on, it can be found a lot in Canada, French islands, Pacific Ocean, United States, and Mexico.
American crows food habits are so simple, as they can eat anything available like plants, worms, eggs, fruits, crops, mice, rabbits, fish, seeds, frogs, nuts, and even carrion. They had the ability to catch small animals, and birds to feed on; they start to hide between trees to surprise the prey then attack it in silence. They can even feed from garbage.

These simple birds have a wonderful wide family, as the young members stay with parents for years to help them, and protect the group.
The American craws can put eggs at April, after completing more than two years. It can put from three to six eggs each time, and hatch in eighteen days, the mother ad to guard the young craws to protect them from snakes, or any other predators.
Building a nest can be a corporate responsibility for these craws, both parents participate, and even other craws may help them, the nest’s size is medium mainly with average dimensions about 6-19 inches cross, 4-15 inches deep, and had 6-14 inches cup, the nest can afford from 3 to nine eggs. The nest can made of paper, leaves, pine needles, grass, weeds, and hair from animals, also its perfect place is on trees.
The Corvus brachyrhynchos can consider the most social creatures in the world; they love to stay together, and may stay at the same place for long period of time, you can’t find one of them alone, they move in large groups consist of at least 15 birds.
These birds make groups of families become larger with every new generation, all of them work together to raise young birds, they do all activities in groups like haunting, looking for food, and building nests.
It was discovered by evidences that these craws can emigrate n large groups consist of more than fifty birds looking for another habitat, or searching for different food sources.
The most interesting thing about these wonderful birds, that they had an amazing voice tone and you can find common songs between males, and females to communicate with different names sound layers, sometimes they use these songs layers to warn each other’s in danger, sometimes that loud voice of craws can bother people.
The Corvus brachyrhynchos can be considered one of the most intelligent creatures on the earth!! Don’t judge a lot about if that right, or not but think about strange things these birds do to get food without being catch!! Then take your decision, and tell us down here 😉

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