The Komondor Dog a mop on four legs

From your first look you may think that The Komondor dog first job is a floor mopping, and that because of its heavy long air, that looks like huge coat, but it is not. The Komondor dog appears for first time in Hungary, when it was brought by Cuman nomadic in the 12th and 13th century, and its name comes The Komondor dog from Cuman dog wich mean belong to cuman, in other meaning te cuman’s dog, and the remains of The Komondor dog in the cumans’ Cemeteries are the evidence of that, also it belongs to tibetan dogs which are in asia. But the first appearance of The Komondor dog name in Hungarian was in 1544 in the King Astiagis by Kákonyi Péter history. And today Hungary is the origin mother home of the Komondor dog, although a lot of the Komondor dog was killed through years, especially in the 2nd world war.

The Komondor dog males’ tall is more than 76 cm, and the females’ is 65 cm. also the weigt of The Komondor dog differ from males to females the males of The Komondor dog between 50–60 kg, and 40–50 kg for females. The Komondor dog has a rectangle macho body, with long hair coat look like mop. The Komondor dog body’s long exceeds its high, the strong body filled with muscles, and ends with wide head with black nose, and eyes all the time. The Komondor dog hair coat is heavy and so long, it’s in between 20 – 27 cm, looks like link a mop, it starts with young dogs as soft, and cute curly hair, and keep growing, the main color of The Komondor dog is the white, there is no other colors, also it had to be cleaned carefully, although it may take two days to dry. This simple coat protects The Komondor dog from possible danger like strange bites, insects, animals attack, or hard weather.
The Komondor dog helps in Cattle guarding, although The Komondor dog seems to be quite, easy dog it turns in to different dog at danger, The Komondor dog is intelligent, and has strong observation ability, it may stay calm all the day, and convert to responsible dog at night guard, and do all its missions. Also it is a good friend your pets, and doesn’t need any special food, as the Komondor dog can eat any protein based food, but be careful about fats.

Training is the most important thing you had to know about if you are thinking about getting the Komondor dog, as it needs a lot of exercises to stay healthy, and strong, like running long distances, playing, and even walking..

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