The most unique Trichechus manatus

Trichechus manatus is one of the large aquatic mammal members, also it is known popularly as West Indian manatee, or the sea cow, it is similar to elephants way of living more than Whales.
There are only three living species of Trichechus manatushas with two subspecies:
The Antillean or Caribbean manatee: can be found in Brazil, the Caribbean, and Mexico.
The Florida manatee: which live in florida coasts, Massachusetts, and Texas.
The weight of the West Indian manatee is between 200–600 kg in average, and it is between 2.7–3.5 m tall. In normal makes are little smaller than females, the largest weight recorded for them was 1,655 kg with 4.6 m tall.

Trichechus manatus doesn’t have back limbs, but it has paddle like spatula, helps him in moving in the water, the body of the is West Indian manatee is Streamlining without any flaps, allow it to resist in water.
A coat of 3–5 cm hair covers its whole body, which helps on preventing algae existence on his skin; also it helps in giving somatosensory signals. In general main color of his body is gray, but it may differ because of biota, and algae which maybe living on it.
Trichechus manatus has a wide white tissue of scares to be easy recognized, also the flippers of Florida manatee have three, or four nails.
West Indian manatees are one of these animals with prehensile snout that allows them to get food easily, they also considered quadruple jaw, and each jaw has a group from six to eight teeth of moliform, these teeth change its place in a slow motion move from back to front with 1–2 mm ratio every month, this teeth movement called conveyor belt, and that is very useful for the mantees as it provides them with updated teeth stock all his life, which needs it because of his feed way, as it eats a lot of plants most time of the day reach to eight hours.
The bones of the Trichechus manatus are so strong, tough, and thick to the extent that boost the body, make it float easily in the same time wit what is called negative buoyancy, which is so important for that animal because of its heavy weight, the existence of two opposite buoyancy, and the breathes air allow manatees stay stable inside the water. Also it helps in light moving, and doing other activities easily like swimming, looking for food, and even breathing.
The diaphragm of the West Indian manatees is divided in straight Longitudinal way in two parts, each part of them can work separately, and do any sudden muscular contractions, and this can be the most unparalleled animal.
Manatees prefer fresh water, also they don’t like salt water, so you can find them in rivers, canals, Lakes, coastal areas, estuaries, and shallow water areas, also in different places at the united states like Florida, Massachusetts, Atlantic coast, Texas, Bahamas, Caribbean Sea, Brazil, and Mexico.
The bodies of Manatees has a low metabolism ratio, also there I snot enough fats on their skin, so they are looking for warm water with more than 20°C, like tropical regions.

Manatees have a great ability to communicate with each other’s vai different sounds; also they have special voice layers use together in different situations. But also they can fight together to the extent that one of them can eat others face for domination.
The main food of the Trichechus manatus is plants, it can feed on more than 60 different types of plants, and because of that it was called the sea cow, their favorites are the sea grasses, but at high tide they can eat leaves, and any other grasses.
Because of the sea cows way of feeding, their teeth, and molars are some kind weak, and be replaced more than once, so they may also called marching molars, you can notice that their teeth have the same shape with different sizes, and there is no incisors at all.
The pregnancy period of the West Indian manatees is about 12–14 months, and the born calf weighs about 27–32 kg, 1.2–1.4 m tall, the calf stays with his mother for two years. Also they can live until the age of 50 years old..

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