The strangest pets: Madagascar hissing cockroach

Madagascar hissing cockroach is one of most known Madagascar roaches with their big size; it has several names like hisser, or hissing cockroach.
The main reason for which the Madagascar hissing cockroach got its common name is Madagascar Island where it lives mainly at east Africa coast.

Hissers prefer living on the floor of forests to get more several places to stay away of light, or notice, and hide in different places all the time.
Hissing cockroach length can be in between 2 to 4 inches (5 to 7.5 centimeters) in average, and its weight is about 1/4 – 7/8 ounces.
The whole body of the hissing cockroach has a strong Sclerotin, which gives the body colors of black, or brown, that color can be white after molting until its skeleton become stronger, and gets its main color.
While molting time these insects become more sensitive, so it has to avoid interacting, or dealing.
Most of roaches have wings, but the hissing cockroaches didn’t, but it can climb any kind of surfaces even glass easily in a very fast way and that because of specific pads on their legs, also they can run so fast.

Its body takes an oval shape; it has two antennas as one pair, and the eyes are protected by a shield.
There is a cleft on the belly for breathing, it looks like a port, and it can cause loud noise while breathing whish known as hissing.
There are clear differences between the males, and females of hissers. The males have two big tubercles on the front top of the back; you can notice that these tubercles are smoother, and less bold on the females, also in some cases they didn’t exist.
Giving babies in most roaches can be predictable operation like putting eggs on a sack, or attach it to anything, but the females of Madagascar hissing cockroach can chocked you as it keep its eggs inside its body until hatching!! Can you imagine that!

The females’ of hissing cockroach stay about two months as a gestation period, then after eggs hatching the female drops out the nymphs, and the female can drop out about 60 nymphs in one single time.
While growing up these nymphs do the molting operation about six times during its first five months, then they become adults and here the molting process stops, and be ready for mating.
The Madagascar hissing cockroach can be one of light hater insects, as it prefers night time, and moves in an impressive active way at night doing all life activities like searching for food, and hunting.
Hissers eat different plants available, fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, vegetables, leaves, and even peanut butter.
The Madagascar hissing cockroach live in groups where one male can be the responsible, defend, and fight for the groups’ safety most of time except finding food, and water times, and many females and nymphs can live in these groups.
Males can fight using their horns between each other’s to dominate different groups, or defend their own group, during this fight you can watch big battle with high speed, and loud hissing.
Madagascar hissing cockroach has another noticeable ability which is its different hissing sound, that sound can be the most Special adjective between all kinds of roaches.
Although that special hissing sound happens in a very normal operation while breathing, it is used by the Hissers in most important other life activities like mating, and fighting.
Madagascar hissing cockroach one of the insects that can be kept as pets, which can be so strange to a lot of people, but these hissers are so friendly insects, and can be good friends, but it needs to be kept in dark and warm environment, you can keep it in glass boxes like fish, and it can live in groups at home, or laboratories.


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