The Truth of Daubentonia madagascariensis

Daubentonia madagascariensis can be one of animals that are in danger, and need urgent care. You can call it aye-aye also; it is a member of strepsirrhine of lemur with tall fingers.
The name of the Daubentonia madagascariensis traced back to a scientist called Marie Daubenton, and it was named by his students at 1795. Before that year it was called worm-eater, and at the year of 1863 Daubentoniidae become a name of a whole family species.
Also it was known as long-fingered lemur at that time, and the name of aye-aye was used at first time at 1782 which was “cri d’exclamation & d’√©tonnement” then distorted, and added to the lemur, and there were big dissection about the classification.

There are many reasons for the classification argument, like the shape of teeth that makes Daubentonia madagascariensis can be one of Rodentia mammalian, and according to its appearance, it can be classified as strepsirrhine Primates, also it was considered as a Chiromyiformes for period of time which was canceled later.
The size of an adult aye-aye in average can be about 90 cm and it a long tail exceeds its body. The average weight can be about two kg.
There is a thickly layer of fur around the whole body of the aye-aye, with different colors, it can be lightly white hair on the head, and brown, dark brown, black or yellow hair, at the body, also the hair on the tail is more thick.
Daubentonia madagascariensis has a bizarre fingers shape, which gives him a unique signature. It has a long hand with five fingers, the forth one of them is the longest, it helps in finding food, getting larvae, and insects of trees, the number three finger consider the most important finger, it looks like Skelton, as it is too thin, and it can be moved free in all directions, it allows him to knock on trees fast, and find water. Also there is a Pseudo Thumb help in moving, also there are claws on the fingers except one.
One of most important senses for the aye-aye is listening, as it has extremely sensitive, and sharp ears allows him to hear every single voice starts from the voice of his finger knock, to the voice of is prey.
The aye-aye lives the majority of his life on the tree, it considered as his home, it can eat, sleep, and do most of his activities at the tree.

The aye-aye builds his nest on the tree, the nest looked like a ball, with one entrance door, made of leaves, and many trees’ branches, it spend most of the day on the nest, also it uses his smell to recognize the nest, as it lives alone most of time.
Daubentonia madagascariensis can be one of those animals that are able to eat meat, and plants, as it can eat fruits like mango, nuts, fungi, seeds, honey, larvae, and even insects. It has a wonderful ability to extract larvae from trees using his sharp hearing ability, and his amazing fingers which allow him catching any insects, or worms in seconds.
These animals prefer to live alone, males like more wide places than females, the perfect choice for their habitat is rainforests, and the areas that are Cultivated. You can find them at Madagascar.
The up normal appearance of Daubentonia madagascariensis can be the main reason for most of the problems that animal face, as 90% of people think that he is devil, to the extent that they believe that it can kill them by just raising his finger, and pointing at them. Some believe it has the devil eyes, all of these thought are 100% wrong, and need to be destroyed.
As a humans we had one right role toward that animal, which depend on ending all Superstitions, and try to aware people about the danger of their false thoughts, and which could end the existence of Daubentonia madagascariensis .

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